Efrinal & Setiyawan adalah kantor akuntan publik yang dapat membantu Anda dalam akuntansi statutori, audit internal, training akuntansi dan lainnya dengan keunggulan:

  • Konsultan profesional dengan total pengalaman 30+ tahun

  • Memberikan laporan secara akurat

  • Tim yang selalu siap 24/7 untuk membantu dan menyelesaikan masalah Anda

  • 100+ klien telah kami layani dari perusahaan kecil, menengah hingga multinasional

Services We Offer

Financial Audit & Other Assurance Services

Financial audit is the primary service offered by ES. We provide independent audit services to clients’ financial statements of which it is designed to assess the reliability of financial information to be used by investors, creditors, and other stakeholders, and assess compliance with applicable financial accounting standards in Indonesia. Our audits are conducted with auditing standards.
The implementation of the audit is based on a proper understanding of each client as well as the specific industry and business environment in which the client operates.

Apart from financial audit, we also offer other assurance services as follows:

  • Audit of prospective financial report
  • Audit of proforma financial information
  • Financial review
  • Compliance audit
  • Special audit of financial report.

In carrying out these assurance services, ES as a professional public accounting firm does not compromise its independence.

Other Related Services

The services we provide to clients also include other form of examination which are services to engage in an agreed upon procedure, for example performing examine with certain procedures on a particular-element, account, or item in the hope of obtaining useful findings for a particular purpose.

The engagement to implement the agreed procedure is essentially a service to perform certain procedures that already agreed between us and the client, or other participating parties, and to report the facts obtained during carrying out the procedure, independently and professionally. Clients’ needs can vary greatly, hence the nature, timing, and extent of agreed procedures vary greatly. Therefore, in this service, the client is obliged to notify the examination procedure it needs to achieve its objectives.

Accounting Services

Improving business performance and effective use of information is a priority that will never go away. In fact, both will go hand in hand as continuous performance improvements will depend on accurate and timely information to drive performance-based decisions, break down complexity, create structural change and provide a solid organizational foundation.

To meet these needs, ES offers an accounting and financial services base on providing accurate and timely information to drive performance-based decisions. We not only compile and present the company’s annual financial statements; but also review the overall financial administration of the company. We will also provide recommendations to help clients improve the accounting process and the way you do business.

The accounting services that we provide to you are not limited to the preparation and presentation of the annual financial statements, but also see your overall financial administration. We will make recommendations to help you improve the accounting process and the way you do business.

Due Diligence

In performing these services, our team will provide support to clients in terms of: gaining a deep understanding of the performance of the target company; identify and analyze business of target company, cash and key value drivers behind the acquisition price formation; identify potential risks; maximizing financial position and taxation; helping to design price adjustments or warranty and indemnity clauses, and conduct post-acquisition examinations and assist clients in preparing the opening balance.

ES also recognizes the importance of value growth for stockholders and stakeholders. Therefore, as a form of consultation service, ES also provides advice on important business transactions and complex such as mergers, acquisitions and other business restructuring.

Tax Services

Tax is one of the most important elements of the company, either in terms of the value of money spent or time spent by the company, due to almost all business decisions have tax implications and, making taxes more complex, the tax rules are consistently changing.
Indonesia’s tax laws offer many unique challenges, and failure to comply with laws and regulations that it often unclear may result in significant time commitment, professional fees and tax penalties.
The tax services provided by ES include:

  • Tax planning;
  • Monthly and annually tax reporting;
  • Calculation of personal and corporate tax liabilities;
  • Tax objection and overpayment filing
  • Assistance in tax court
  • Other tax advisory services.

ES is committed to providing a “one stop solution” in order to maximize savings and tax efficiency opportunities. With having a dozen years experince in taxation issues, we are confident, we are able to provide the best advise tax practice-solutions to all clients.

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